The Process

We are accepting gently used, current or vintage high-end designer brands of purses, shoes, scarves, jewelry, clothes, accessories, and costume jewelry. Please keep in mind that items may or may not be accepted for consignment based on the brand, age, condition, and current demand for that type of item. Please call ahead before bringing your items to the store. 


There is a 40%/60% between the store and the consigner for very high-end items and 50%/50% split for all other items. The split is based on whatever price the item sells for. If repairs or cleaning are needed, the cost of the repairs or cleaing will be deducted from the price, unless otherwise agreed. Repairs or cleaning will be done only with permission.


Consignment period is for three months. First Month - Merchandise is full price (Price on inventory list). Second Month - Merchandise is reduced 20% off of the original price. Third Month - Merchandise is reduced 40% off the original price. 


Your item will be assigned a personal inventory code and at the end of the three month period, the consigner will have 7 days to reclaim any unsold item. REMEMBER, it is up to you to track through our website whether your item has sold. We will not notify you. All unclaimed unsold items will become the property of Rita G's Chapter Two Boutique if not sold within the three month consignment period and will be donated to charity.


When you drop off your items, you will get a receipt. After complete authentication of your item, which typically takes approximately three days, it will be put into our computer system and will be priced and tagged and put out on the sales floor. If we feel there is not adequate demand for an item, or if the brand, age or condition do not meet our current needs, you will be notified to pick up the item. Please do not be offended if some of your items are not selected. RITA G'S CHAPTER TWO BOUTIQUE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE OF CONSIGNED ITEMS.


Consignors are paid at the beginning of every month for items sold the previous month.


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